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General Ventilation

Green Energy is proud to be your single source for commercial and industrial ventilation product solutions. We have evolved with the industry to provide full service ventilation products to commercial and light industrial customers worldwide. Building on best practices established at our predecessor companies over six decades, we are developing new products, exploring new technology, improving our manufacturing process, streamlining our distribution channels, and enhancing our competitive stance to ensure your satisfaction for decades to come.

Dynamo | D

Centrifugal Fans are SWSI, Class I, Arrangement 9 and 10 general purpose air moving devices. They are used for supply or exhaust applications in commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC systems. At the heart of the Dynamo is a computer designed, backward inclined, centrifugal wheel. This heavy duty non-overloading aluminum wheel assures low noise and high efficiency performance.

Centrex Inliner | SX

Direct Drive and Belt Drive Centrifugal Inline Fans are widely used in square ducts as clean air boosters in both supply and exhaust systems where the installation of convetional blowers is impractical. Their compact design gives designers an excellent alternative to conventional blowers. Centrex Inliner fans can be installed either horizontally, vertically or at any angle determined by the duct work. Full size removable panels enable easy access to the fan interior.

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